In 1980 a young man had an intuition and decided to combine his managerial skills with the charisma and wisdom of a group of wellness operators, creating a company of phytocosmetics and identifying it with an acronym (Max Pier) that contained the initials of the names of his children. A declaration of infinite love! Since then the path has been intense and always marked by a single goal: to give and create well-being, according to Nature. Who are we today? A young and modern company that carries on the original project, combining traditional manual skills and natural cosmetics with innovative laboratory technologies. We start from our origins to look to the future with determination and confidence, always at the service of your beauty and your Well-Being.

Since 1980, Max Pier is an important reference in the field of professional cosmetics and in particular has earned a leadership position for its ability to offer highly effective cosmetics.
The name Max Pier evokes two inevitable and spontaneous associations of thought in the minds of professional beauty and wellness operators, the first referring to the link with essential oils, the second referring to the highly professional training and working method.
Furthermore, Max Pier has constantly invested in cosmetological research, developing modern biotechnological lines , proposing a project of conceptual and scientific innovation that knows how to integrate tradition, experience and skills acquired over the years.


Our approach to beauty and well-being has always been inspired by a fundamental concept:
the body speaks and never lies; “if you listen to your body when it whispers you won’t have to hear it scream”. There are three elements that represent the heart of the Max Pier philosophy and their interaction becomes an exceptional working tool: that’s why the Max Pier logo contains an equilateral triangle!



“Nothing organic is without meaning, nothing psychic is without body.” (Viktor von Weizsäcker). We are all witness to the process in
which mind and emotions influence the body and vice versa, we have probably also experienced it on our skin: who has not happened to us?
of digesting poorly under stress or feeling unwell
having to make a change in your habits? The body tells about us
and the Max Pier Global Method is going to read about it.
and grasp the signals to have an immediate picture of the physiological imbalances in place and their origin in order to restore the balance of the body’s natural harmony.


Max Pier offers a training course that goes far beyond the normal canons of traditional aesthetics: beauty is in fact the natural reflection of psychophysical well-being.
Our training program is a comprehensive Manual Work Method.
Through the harmonious fusion of numerous ancient and avant-garde massage techniques we work on the physical and bio-energetic dimension of the organism.


Your work deals with energy and the products that accompany your hands must be able to give energy. We have decided to put essences at the centre of our method not for a simple choice of industrial ethics: at the base of it there is a vision of man, a real philosophy of life in relation to nature. Vegetables contain energetic information that can be concentrated in an essence.
and therefore transmitted to man, helping him to rebalance an altered organism. The essence of each of us is original and distinct from that of
anyone else. The essence extracted from plants is similar: it represents the personality of the plant and is irreproducible.
We are unique and unrepeatable beings and every blemish, although presenting common physiological manifestations and origins, is as unique and unrepeatable as the person to whom it belongs.


The practitioners who apply our Method of work are natural beauty and wellness professionals who have made an ethical and demanding choice in their work. Our primary goal is to offer those who choose us every day a unique path of technical training and personal enrichment to constantly improve and fall in love with the wonderful art of massage, using natural products, effective, safe, in step with the innovations.
Welcome to Max Pier!