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The products of the Phyto line are highly active and for the most part based on essential oils obtained from the cold pressing of selected plants. The single essences, mixed in different synergies, reach the different skin layers and create a movement inside the tissues to decontract, stimulate, drain, tone according to what the body manifests and requires in every phase of life. 


professional cosmetics body line


The respect of nature towards man is expressed in the choice of active ingredients and cosmetic bases strictly dermocompatible, which do not contrast the skin manifestation but promote its natural rebalancing.


The concept of “cooperation” refers to a profound form of mutual respect and collaboration between person and environment. The search for wellness as the primary objective of each treatment and beauty as the search for one’s own natural uniqueness, gives the Phyto line total biocompatibility.


Man’s respect for nature, on the other hand, is expressed in the concept of “Green Formulation”, an extremely strict discipline that controls that production is eco-sustainable and guarantees the natural and organic origin of the cosmetics of the Phyto Line.

the characteristics of our home products

professional cosmetics body line


Max Pier home products give daily continuity to the treatments carried out in the institute, putting them in close relation with the techniques and manual skills of the Global Method.
The new body care treatments of the Phyto line are highly active phytocosmetics formulated by combining precious natural active ingredients with exclusive synergies of Essential Oils, the same contained in professional products.
Precisely for this reason, we have also added the famous initials that have always distinguished the tradition and effectiveness of our professional products to our home treatments.


These are specific DermoActive cosmetics for body care capable of working effectively on the treatment of Cellulite, Adiposity and Atonia. Thanks also to their BioSensorial action they have the aptitude to act on body and mind, finalizing a double action of “BellEssere”, that is to return a state of physical and emotional satisfaction together with an effective treatment on the skin.


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The feet, the hands, the legs.
The hands that allow us to grip, the feet and legs that allow us to stand and walk, must be safeguarded and protected with the aim of accompanying with efficiency and quality our lives that fortunately are becoming longer and longer.


Our research in the field of essential oils for the treatment of imperfections and for general well-being has led us to an evolution of Balneotherapy that has led to the formulation of specific preparations for use in the bath or under the shower.

Thalassotherapies contain:

  • A synergy of essential oils specific to the imperfections to be treated
  • A synergy of seaweed derivatives: Spirulina maxima, Crithmum maritimum, Undaria pinnatifida with a conveying and absorbing effect on essential oils.
  • Natural principles to integrate the action of Essential Oils
  • An oily concentrate based on precious natural eudermic oils

The exceptional activity of our essential oils is guaranteed by non-allergenicity certifications issued by national university institutes.