Theta Psychophysical Wellbeing


Psychophysical Wellbeing Box containing:

  • Theta Thalassotherapy: based on natural eudermic oils and Breton seaweed, ideal for giving deep wellbeing and a sense of intense and lasting relaxation. It acts by direct cutaneous action and by aromatherapy. Interaction with water enhances the effectiveness of the active ingredients
  • Theta body butter: the joint action of Theta synergy and hyaluronic acid for a nourishing and moisturizing action
  • Theta Aromatherapy Candle: 10% of Theta essential oils for a psychophysical wellbeing
Complete treatment based on Theta synergy to achieve a state of deep wellbeing and a feeling of intense and lasting relaxation.
For all skin types
– Theta Thalassotherapy: In the shower, apply to damp skin a quantity equal to the first mark on the graduated measuring cup and distribute with a light massage. Pour a quantity equal to the second mark of the graduated measuring cup into the tub and remain in the water 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, lie down for 20 minutes wrapped in a towel. Not for whirlpool – Theta Butter: apply to affected areas until absorbed



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