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Our treatments are the result of over 40 years of research in the field of professional cosmetics and combine the tradition of phytocosmetics with the use of the most modern active ingredients. Our goal is to provide the professionals who choose us every day with effective tools for cabin work and maintenance products that are highly satisfying to their clients.



Seasonal changes often bring with them discomforts that we absolutely must face with positivity and firmness. In order to welcome them in the best way, it is urgent to dedicate oneself to one’s own well-being, starting from the care of the skin, which in those moments of the year appears more tired and stressed. The key treatment is Detox 2.0, which, thanks to the synergistic contribution of vitamins A, C, E, camellia and green tea, has a detoxifying, antioxidant, regenerating and lightening action on the skin, revitalizing it and giving it an immediate radiance.


With the Electa Pro anti-aging facial treatment is possible. A precious mask with a strong visual impact combined with the effervescent action of oxygen will make your skin splendid from morning to night, resistant and compact, always ready to fight enemies such as smog, cold, stress and inexorable aging. Illuminating, effective, surprising, it is the ideal treatment for a wonderfully mature skin.


With the passing of the years, melanocytes, i.e. the cells that synthesize melanin, are affected by hormonal changes, excessive exposure to sunlight and free radicals, and consequently produce an uncontrolled amount of melanin, which is unevenly distributed on the skin. On hyperpigmented areas it is essential to intervene with specific treatments. “White Antiage Treatment” is Max Pier’s proposal based on ascorbic acid, glycolic acid and Oxygen Activator technology to restore skin brightness, uniformity and reduce uneven pigmentation, with visible results after periodic and constant cycles of treatment in the cabin.


The care of acne-prone skin is essential to improve the quality of life, especially in young people, who experience the appearance of pimples with concern and anxiety, but also in adults who are sometimes struggling with late-onset acne. Max Pier has created a specific facial protocol, Harmonia AKN, essential for the treatment of oily and acne-prone skin based on salicylic acid and mandelic acid with anti-comedical, soothing and normalizing actions. After a complete cycle of sessions the skin is brighter, more even and relaxed.



Max Pier professionals have an exceptional tool to combat cellulite and sagging and restore tone to the tissues:“4 weeks – The Intensive Program“. This is an intensive remodelling programme against the main imbalances and imperfections of the body which guarantees effective results in just 4 sessions, following two treatment directions:

  • fat and cellulite
  • shaping and toning

Fundamental is the deep draining action that stimulates fluid circulation, fights water retention and facilitates microcirculation. The combination of scrubs, wraps, mud baths and dermo-active products, combined with remodelling manual techniques, is an essential ritual for overcoming the dreaded swimsuit test.


Essential oils are very valuable substances extracted from aromatic plants and have very active properties on the physiology, so much so that some experts claim that they contain the life force of the plant.
At first they penetrate the epithelial tissue, then the lymphatic system and capillaries entering the general circulation. Due to their volatile nature they leave the body within 48 hours.
The properties of essential oils are many: antiseptic, bacteriostatic, antibiotic, healing, antifungal, to name a few.

Our products contain mixtures of several oils, called Synergies, which act on the tissues with great effectiveness and intensity, exploiting and optimizing all the power of nature in a few drops. We have coded them according to the specific action, marking them with an acronym and a color:

  • Alpha Synergy (white): ideal for massaging delicate skin and in decongestant treatments
  • Beta synergy (yellow): to be used in drainage techniques and in the treatment of alipidic skins and infiltrated tissues
  • Delta Synergy (green): indicated for manual techniques aimed at reducing the presence of metabolic waste in the tissues and in the treatment of panniculitis, stretch marks, etc..
  • Eta synergy (black): for tired, atonic and deeply dehydrated tissues
  • Sigma Synergy (red): shock synergy, of great help in the treatment of adipose tissues, with strong water retention and atonic

Thanks to our synergies, a wellness operator has at his disposal products that are extremely active and oriented to enhance the effect of the manual technique, without forgetting the sensory satisfaction that only a massage can give.

Training area

Our training program is a comprehensive Manual Work Method for Aesthetic and Wellness Practitioners. Through the harmonic fusion of massage techniques we intervene on the physical and bioenergetic dimension of the organism.
All of our courses are linked by a holistic concept represented by the fascial system, a fine network of elastic tissue that exists throughout the body. Fascia holds together, connects and organizes bones, muscles and all the structures of the body. And it is also the fabric where repressed emotions manifest.

Some of our
training proposals:


read and interpret the body’s messages that manifest themselves as imperfections and promote general well-being.


The face projects the whole body in reflected form, becoming a sort of map that reveals the most intimate story of each of us and gives voice to what has not been able to speak.


The foot is the basis of our progress in the world, it sums up the entire human organism and can be the starting and finishing point for treating many disorders.

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