4 Weeks

Max Pier professionals have an exceptional tool for combating cellulite and sagging and restoring tone to the tissues: “4 weeks – The Intensive Program“. This is an intensive remodelling programme against the main body imbalances and imperfections that guarantees effective results in just 4 sessions, following two treatment directions:

fat and cellulite
shaping and toning

Fundamental is the deep draining action that stimulates fluid circulation, fights water retention and facilitates microcirculation. The combination of scrubs, bendages, mud baths and dermoactive products, combined with remodelling manual techniques, is an essential ritual for overcoming the dreaded swimming costume test.

MaxPier products are fitocosmetics free of preservatives, dyes, paraffines and petroleum derivatives. They are dermatologically tested, free of allergens, heavy metals and animal derivatives. They are not tested on animals and are based on clinically proven functional complexes.