Seasonal changes often bring with them discomforts that we absolutely must face with positivity and firmness. In order to welcome them in the best way, it is urgent to dedicate oneself to one’s own well-being, starting from the care of the skin, which in those moments of the year appears more tired and stressed. The key treatment is Detox 2.0, which, thanks to the synergistic contribution of vitamins A, C, E, camellia and green tea, has a detoxifying, antioxidant, regenerating and lightening action on the skin, revitalizing it and giving it an immediate radiance.

MaxPier products are fitocosmetics free of preservatives, dyes, paraffines and petroleum derivatives. They are dermatologically tested, free of allergens, heavy metals and animal derivatives. They are not tested on animals and are based on clinically proven functional complexes.