Essential Oils

Essential oils are very valuable substances extracted from aromatic plants and have very active properties on the physiology, so much so that some experts claim that they contain the life force of the plant.
They first penetrate the epithelial tissue, then the lymphatic system and the capillaries and enter the general circulation. Due to their volatile nature they leave the body within 48 hours.
The properties of essential oils are multiple: antiseptic, bacteriostatic, antibiotic, healing, antifungal, to name a few.

Our products contain mixtures of several oils, known as Synergies, which act on the tissues with great efficacy and intensity, harnessing and optimising all the power of nature in a few drops. We have coded them according to their specific action, marking them with an abbreviation and a colour:

Alpha Synergy (white): ideal for massaging delicate skin and for decongestant treatments.
Beta Synergy (yellow): to be used in drainage techniques and in the treatment of alipidic skin and infiltrated tissues.
Delta synergy (green): indicated for manual techniques aimed at reducing the presence of metabolic waste in the tissues and in the treatment of panniculitis, stretch marks, etc.
Eta synergy (black): for tired, atonic and deeply dehydrated tissues.
Sigma Synergy (red): shock synergy, of great help in the treatment of adipose tissues, with high water retention and atonic tissues.

Thanks to our Synergy, a wellness practitioner has at his disposal products that are extremely active and oriented towards enhancing the effect of manual dexterity, without forgetting the sensory satisfaction that only a massage can provide.

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MaxPier products are fitocosmetics free of preservatives, dyes, paraffines and petroleum derivatives. They are dermatologically tested, free of allergens, heavy metals and animal derivatives. They are not tested on animals and are based on clinically proven functional complexes.