Cleansing, the first gesture of beauty

Cleansing your face is one of the most underrated beauty practices. Often, due to laziness or lack of time, we tend to resort to the classic soap and water combination, which, however, is not enough to ensure beautiful and radiant skin. Leather is like a canvas for the painter: it must be clean and perfect in order to give the right emphasis to the colours and brightness to the drawing.

The first step in caring for the face is therefore careful cleansing with specific products, carried out at least twice a day: in the morning to reactivate the circulation and make the skin more receptive to subsequent treatments; in the evening to oxygenate and eliminate impurities, perhaps combining active cleansing and make-up removal ingredients.

Here are Max Pier’s must-have products for your beauty routine:

  • Cleansing milk: moisturizing and soothing, it is indicated for daily cleansing of the face.
  • Skin ph-optimizer Toner: moisturizing, toning and dermopurifying, it rebalances the Ph altered by the actual cleansing process
  • Micellar water: for all skin types, light, delicate and non-oily, it removes make-up, traces of smog and impurities.

Small daily gestures, big results.

Happy Skin Care to all!