Electa, for wonderfully mature skin

Skin is about us, our lives, our problems and our achievements. A face marked by time and wrinkles reveals our true identity and is a testimony to what we have experienced.

Growing old is a privilege, but what woman doesn’t fear the passing of the years? Some of us are obsessed with it, others accept the inexorable, others still simply try to age well, adopting a healthy lifestyle, protecting the skin properly using specific anti-aging cosmetics. We can’t stop time, but we can slow it down! No illusions in front of the mirror: to age well, it is essential to improve your lifestyle and perfect your daily beauty routine! As the years go by, our skin ages with us. It is therefore an irreversible physiological process and the causes can be divided into two categories:

INTRAINSE CUTANEOUS AGEING: closely related to aging in general and to the passage of time, also called chronoaging. Intrinsic factors are mainly hormone production, genetic inheritance and the slowing down of all biological and metabolic processes in the human body.

EXTRINSE CUTANEOUS AGEING: independent of age, but linked to all those factors outside the body that attack the skin, such as ultraviolet rays (photoaging), pollution, smoke, alcohol.

How can we combat this phenomenon, which is as inexorable as it is feared? Seeking to mitigate and reduce pre-existing signs of aging
and preventing the onset of others.

ELECTA represents the anti-aging treatment with absolute action that gives vitality, relaxation and immediate brightness to your mature skin. Extra rich, extra nourishing bases its strength on the exclusive HA3D technology with active hyaluronic acid, biomimetic peptides and Reforcyl®, an exclusive complex of phytochemicals with a powerful antioxidant action that carries out an intense rejuvenating action on the skin of the face.Reforcyl® is extracted from two plants known as “the rose of the rocks”
and “the herb of immortality”: the former is very rich in polyphenols, which stimulate
the natural immune defenses; the herb of immortality is rich in trace elements, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and saponins that confirm its extraordinary antioxidant properties. It stimulates the metabolism and has an anti-inflammatory function.

What’s new? What is the added value of the new Electa?

  • 100% active water-free formula;
  • Increased concentration of actives;
  • New texture;
  • New scent “seduction way”;
  • Thanks to its components, it acts effectively against:- Chronological ageing; – Inflamm-aging; – Immune-aging; – Environmental ageing; – Oxidative stress; – Epidermal dryness; – Alipy.