Body care at home, as in the institute

Thanks to the Phyto home care products, rich in active ingredients present in the professional line, the daily beauty routine at home is extremely effective and guarantees visible results in just a few weeks. The home use protocols therefore represent the natural continuity of the treatment performed in the cabin.

What the Max Pier range offers:

  • Treatments using different dermocosmetic phytotherapeutic preparations
    and aromatherapies that act synergistically to decontract, stimulate, drain, detoxify or tone, depending on what the body requires at each stage of life
  • Phyto formulas with active plant ingredients in very high concentration and in synergy with pure bio-revitalizing essential oils.
  • Specific treatments to reshape your silhouette and give wellness to your body
  • New formulations and new packaging to continue at home the treatment started in the cabin with your beautician