Bio Cleansing Cream with vegetable enzymes



Scrub with enzymatic action, it removes impurities from the skin in a homogeneous and non-aggressive way. It bases its functionality on the properties of plant enzymes extracted from papaya and carries out a detoxifying and nourishing action thanks to Vitamin E.

Cleansing (not make-up remover), but at the same time effective exfoliator, it removes impurities and dead cells favouring cell renewal, leaving the skin smooth, soft and luminous. Ideal for seasonal changes
Suitable for sensitive and delicate skin for a weekly detoxifying action
Apply to the face, neck, décolleté and back of the hands, massaging in thoroughly. Rinse and then always use the Skin pH Optimizer Toner. To be used as a cleanser every day and once a week as a scrub: leave on for 7/8 minutes and rinse.



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