The daily routine for prevention

What would normally be a good habit, i.e. sanitizing hands after contact with dirty objects such as money, mobile phones or shopping carts, has now become a necessary practice to cope with the current health emergency.
This is why we have introduced specific products in our range:

an ACID HYGIENIZING GEL (70% alcoholic)

an acidic cleansing soap

by including them in a line that has always taken care of your skin, protecting it from daily aggressions: Skin Rescue Remedy. We have scrupulously followed the directives of the Ministry of Health, without neglecting the usual attention to active ingredients: you will find in the new formulations old and appreciated knowledge of the Max Pier world such as aloe vera juice, essential oil of bergamot, extracts of chamomile flowers and calendula, with anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, antibacterial and soothing properties.

For protected hands, but also soft, velvety and fragrant.