HA3D, the beauty formula

Scientific research on the skin has always been the driving force behind the study of all aging processes. For this reason, the skin was examined in all its multiple roles: it is a shell that effectively protects us; it is a highly complex and specialized organ that performs physiological functions that are indispensable for life; it is the seat of sophisticated chemical and electrical communications that interact throughout our lives with our psyche. In parallel with the increasingly in-depth knowledge of the skin, a very active research front has been opened to develop remedies that safeguard its health. Among these, the most innovative are undoubtedly those coming from the botanical world.

The Harmonia project was born by espousing a theory on tissue ageing that is proving to be the most effective: the skin, like the whole of our body, has very effective physiological and immune rebalancing mechanisms to counteract any alteration and to maintain its health it is necessary not to interfere with these processes, but rather to encourage them in a natural way.

All Harmonia cosmetic products have been conceived with this rigour, using raw materials and active ingredients that are strictly natural and tested for their effectiveness and skin tolerability.

Harmonia is a project that grows driven by scientific research that does not study nature to change it, but respects it to imitate its wisdom.