The importance of aromatherapy

The perception of a perfume is much more than a simple sensation: the olfactory process in fact involves not only emotions and neural functions, but also the immune, endocrine and circulatory systems and more generally the whole individual. Smell, as a sense, is based on the recognition of aromatherapy messages and their elaboration: through the nose a smell is picked up and, through a series of cerebral mechanisms that catalogue and compare it, numerous cerebral processes are activated.

The aromatherapeutic action produced by essential oils is part of this extraordinary complex mechanism. An essential oil is not just an active concentrate: it is “alive”, it contains vital force, vibration, energy given by mother nature. Alber Einstein had coined the term “subtle energies” to define energies that are not measurable but which can be identified by their effects on man, animals and plants: the greater the purity, the more subtle its perception will be in every respect.

On a physical level the essential oil exerts its action through the chemical and olfactory receptors. This is a stimulation that activates the peripheral nervous system causing a specific reaction in the tissues.
On a bioenergetic level, the essence induces a vibration in the dermal energy capable of rebalancing
psychophysical well-being. In a few drops of essential oil is enclosed all the power of nature and an extraordinary resource of vital energy!