Wellness of the body, but also of the mind

We are used to giving you advice on how to keep your skin young, toned, glowing and we will continue to do so with passion and conviction.

But today we want to talk to you about how important and vital it is for each of us to keep our minds young!

Starting, as always, from the care of your diet: it is essential to eat healthy, prefer fish and vegetables, which contain the famous Omega 3 with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, reduce portions and fat intake.

Regular physical activity, such as cycling and taking long walks outdoors, also keeps the mind young. Thanks to the movement, the brain is better oxygenated and the benefit also extends to the cardiovascular system, preventing diseases related to it.

We need to have a social life, exchange ideas with friends, compare notes and spend time with the people we love. Experience and cultivate interaction with others.

To train the mind, the famous crosswords, rebuses, quizzes are useful, and it is generally a good exercise to strain the memory to remember, for example by looking at old photos.

And never forget to smile…remember to be happy, because serotonin, also known as the “happiness molecule,” is essential for protecting and keeping the brain young!